In this review, we are going to talk about the well-known brand in metal detectors that is the Teknetics G2 metal detector in detail. This discussion will lead us into the details of the appearance of the Teknetics G2 metal detector, the design of its control panel, and the usage of the buttons present on it, the various modes and features of the metal detector and a brief summary about the Teknetics G2 metal detectors. Tecknetics G2 metal detector has many latest and advanced features and the design of the metal detector is such that you get an adjustable telescopic rod that can be adjusted according to your height and anyone with short or long height can use this device. This metal detector has the waterproof search coil that can be used on the beach, ponds, streams, etc. This metal detector works on the frequency of 19 Khz and has various modes and an LCD that shows the type of metal detected and works as the battery indicator.



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The Teknetics G2 metal detector is available in the black and silver color combination. This metal detector consists of a DD search disk that helps in giving you the precise location of the object present under the surface of the earth detected by the search coil. The Teknetics team always look after the comfort of the user, as the professionals have to use this device for the whole day and the weight of the metal detector can cause stress in users hands even if the metal detector is lightweight, hence this metal detector gives you the armrest to support your arms during the work. This metal detector consists of a small control panel on the handle of the detector, and the control panel consists of the various buttons and the LED screen that is present on the panel to show the battery remaining in the detector so that the user gets the information that the battery is low beforehand and can charge it previously. The display is also used to see what kind of metal has been found under the surface of the earth so that you don’t waste your time digging up the wrong or useless metal.



Teknetics G2 metal detector has quite a small control panel than the other metal detectors, but it is fully equipped and has the latest features and functionalities that we are going to discuss. The control panel of the Teknetics G2 metal detector has a LED screen that displays the depth of the object, which means how far beneath the earth’s surface is the object detected by the metal detector present. It is also used to show what type of metal is present under the surface of the earth and whether the battery of the metal detector is full or the batteries need charging. It has various buttons present on the control panel as well, the first one is the volume button that allows you to control the volume of the detectors beep sound, if you are in a crowded place then you will have to turn up the volume and if you don’t want to disturb anyone then you can set the volume low or you can even use the headphone jack because this control panel has headphone jack of 1/4 and 1/8 inch. The next button on the control panel is the sensitivity adjusting buttons that are used to adjust the sensitivity of the detector as per your need for example if you are looking for something heavy and big then you can just set the sensitivity to the lowest and this detector will beep only when the detector has found something big and when you don’t want to miss out on even the small gold nuggets then you can set the sensitivity to the highest and you will see that the detector will beep even on detecting the smaller objects. It has a pinpointer button that will be explained in the next section, along with the disc mode knob that is used to set the metal detector in all-metal detection mode or the discrimination mode.



This metal detector provides you with various modes and features that we are going to discuss in detail. it consists of an all-metal mode and discriminator mode that works as follows, the all-metal mode is for the raw metal detecting person that is searching out for some old artifacts, jewelry, etc and they don’t want to lose any shot at such important discoveries, because this all-metal mode detects every metallic object that comes in its way while scanning the ground and sends the signal to the control panel. whereas the discrimination mode is for the people who are looking for something specific with their metal detectors in which you can set which type of metal you are looking for and the detector will eliminate every other unwanted element that comes in the way of your detector and beep only for the type of metal you have selected. the next one is the pinpointer feature for which it has a button on the control panel, to use this feature you have to first locate an object in the simple metal detector mode and then you can turn on the pinpointer mode and you just have to move your detector in the x pattern at the place where you got the signals and then this pinpointer feature will give you the exact location of the object which will help you save your time in unnecessary digging and saves the object from getting damaged while recovering it. this metal detector gives you the freedom to set the sensitivity of the detector according to your requirements and the plus feature of this detector is that you don’t have to look for your size while buying this metal detector because its length can be adjusted according to your size and comfort.       TEKNETICS G2 METAL DETECTOR REVIEW SUMMARY

From this discussion, we have concluded that the Teknetics G2 has a waterproof search coil that gives the precise location and can be converted into the pinpointer by just pressing one button. It has a small control panel with a big display that shows the information such as the depth of an object, the type of object, and the battery level. This metal detector possess the variable sensitivity button using which the user can change its sensitivity and the two various modes that allow you to discriminate between the metals while searching them.

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