In this discussion, we are going to discuss some of the details about the magnificent Teknetics Euro Tek pro metal detector. In this whole review, you will get to know about the details of this device like the appearance of this metal detector, the control panel and the buttons present on it and what is its function, various modes that have been provided into the metal detector, and its features which makes it stand out in the crowd. This metal detector works exceptionally well than any other metal detector when it comes to the recovery speed of the object, it acts very fast. This metal detector does very well on the field when it comes to the separation between the different targets present under the surface of the earth and not just this, the Teknetics Euro Tek Pro metal detector manages very well in the areas where the field is variably iron infested. This metal detector is very easy to use, all you have do is just turn it on and start searching as this device is well balanced and lightweight which makes it easy to use even for the armatures and kids.


Teknetics EuroTek PRO Metal Detector Reviews and User Guide

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This section of discussion is all about the appearance of the Teknetics Euro Tek Pro metal detector. First of all, this metal detector is very lightweight, weighing approx. 1.09 Kgs. This metal detector has a telescopic rod that is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the user’s height, whether the person is tall or sort everyone gets to use it comfortably and the lightweight material allows you to use it for a long time without stressing your hands. As we are talking about the comfort of this device, it also provides you with the armrest present on the rod of this device to provide the support for the user’s arms while using this device as some professionals might have to use it for the whole day or for the major part of the day which can stretch out their muscles and cause pain. This metal detector has a search coil attached to the end of the device which is concentric and the best part about having the concentric coil is that it can help search the objects below really fast and give us the exact location of the object. This concentric coil needs the power supply to operate on and a proper circuitry to send the detected signals and let the user know, this work is done by the control panel present on the rod which is connected to the search coil via cable and provides it the power supply along whit the interchanging of signals between them.



This division of discussion is all about the control panel and the key elements of the control panel. The control panel of the Teknetics Euro Tek Pro metal detector is designed very well and the color combination used to enhance the beauty of this detector is really good, this detector does not have the old knobs that have to be moved to change the settings because it has the sleek buttons which you won’t even feel up there along with the LED screen to display various features of this detector or the readings such as the battery level of the detector, the depth of the potential object detected by the search coil. This machines control panel has the buttons like power button to turn on or turn off the device, the pinpointer button using which you can change the whole settings of the search coil that will convert the detector from the simple metal detector to the pinpointer metal detector, the specialty of this pinpointer feature is that this setting gives the user benefit of getting the exact location of the object under the surface, which will save your time in digging and even keep the object from getting damaged due to the lack of its exact location. The menu button provides the user to select from the various options such as the different modes of the detector, the volume option in case you need to increase or decrease the volume, to adjust the sensitivity, and much more; to increase or decrease the volume or sensitivity of the detector there is a + and a – buttons present on the panel. The control panel also consists of the headphone jack along with the jack door to protect it from dust and other things that can damage the jack when not in use.



We have a lot of modes and features to discuss this Teknetics Euro Tek Pro metal detector as this metal detector consists of many such features that are not included in other metal detectors especially at such budget prices. This metal detector has 99 points of discrimination as we have said it has various modes for detection in which discrimination mode is the one which allows you to use the detector to find a specific type of metal. Has greater depth along with the 3 audio target tones and adjustable volume control from 0 to 10. This device has a headphone jack to insert the headphones which can be used in noisy environments where the signals cannot be heard properly, it also has the protective cover which helps in preventing the dust and other debris from getting in when the jack is not in use. The pinpointer feature has up to 10 points of sensitivity and can work on 9 volts battery. Some of the features that vary this device from the others are the visual ID target system, ideal for hunting in the iron infested region due to its iron LED indicator which helps in ignoring the iron as it works by lighting up the LED whenever it passes over any iron piece and is a non-audio indicator that will not disturb you every time it detects an iron object. You can even set an independent iron target volume control in which you can adjust the volume of the iron metal and lower it so that it won’t interrupt the audios of another detected metallic object. This detector has the audio varying between 70 to 79 ID range which depends on its disc settings. To search for vertical areas or for the kids to use this metal detector the middle rod of this metal detector can be removed to adjust the height.



This metal detector is versatile and has various features, and is specially designed to work in the iron infested field. It has a special LED light indicator for the iron metal in which whatever discrimination mode is set on the device this LED will light up whenever it crosses any iron object. The middle rod is detachable for the adjustment of the device. Consists of a headphone jack, volume control, 99 points of discrimination, 3 audio target tones, pinpointer feature, and much more which makes it exceptional than the other devices.

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