Minilab metal detectors are one of the best metal detectors brands around the world, which is very popular amongst the professionals and metal detector enthusiasts. This discussion is all about the Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector and its amazing features, in this discussion, we will talk about the outer looks and appearance of the Equinox 800 metal detector, the control panel of this device which is the main controlling part of this metal detector and the various buttons present on the control panel, various modes that have been provided by the company and the features of this detector that makes it different from other models and other company metal detectors. This is a straight rod-like structured device that has the search coil at the end of the rod and a wire that connects the coil with the control panel present on the other end near the handle of the rod. It is the sleek designed metal detector that takes care of the comfort of the user along with the various modes to choose from and various features that can help you at various circumstances.



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Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector is a straight and well-designed metal detector with the grey glossy finish on it. This metal detector has an armrest that is provided for the comfort of the user, as some of the professionals have to use their metal detector the whole day and can cause pain in their muscles, and to avoid this, the armrest is provided. The control panel of this metal detector is very sleek and is attached to the telescopic rod via another rod-like holder, and the wire that connects the control panel and the search coil is rounded around the rod. The wire given around helps the search plate to send the received signals to the control panel where it displays the contents like the depth of an object, the type of metallic object, etc. What is more exciting about this metal detector device is that it consists of the control panel that is way more advanced as it has various buttons and features on it, it is sleek and slim in design at the same time it has the big LCD screen to display the various contents such as the depth of an object and the sensitivity control along with the volume control and the headphone jack. This device is waterproof up to 3 meters, which means it can work under the water up the three meters depth below that the detector won’t be able to handle the pressure.



As said earlier this metal detector’s main attraction is its control panel and the control panel is the most important part of the metal detector. This control panel consists of many functions and buttons on it. This is a sleek designed and waterproof control panel up to 3 meters, it consists of an LCD screen to show you various kinds of information and various buttons to operate it. Firstly we will start with the buttons and these buttons consist of the pinpointer button which when pressed enables the pinpointer feature that gets you the exact location of the object and when pressed again it switches to the normal detect mode, it has a frequency button next to the pinpointer button using which you can see and keep track of the frequency, on the left side of the pinpointer button is the all-metal mode button which when pressed can detect and send back the signal for any kind of metal object detected under the surface of the earth above this button is the detection mode selection button using which you can select any mode out of its 4 detecting modes, above frequency button, there is an accept and reject button besides which there is a button that has a symbol of settings and +/- buttons on the left and right side which is used to increase or decrease something such as the sensitivity or the volume. Apart from these buttons, the LCD screen displays the following features on it such as the depth gauge, sensitivity gauge, frequency display, multi-notch discrimination, target ID, and the space for the settings to display. Right next to the display at the edges is the power button followed by the backlight and on the other edge is the wireless audio option followed by the user profile.



In this section of the detailed discussion about the Equinox 800 metal detector, we are going to talk about the various modes and feature it has for you. This metal detector comes in with the multiple frequency modes and the main thing is that this multiple-frequency mode can be used simultaneously. This device is waterproof up to 3 meters under the water and can be used even in the saltwater near the beaches or so. This metal detecter provides you with the 8 custom search profiles using which you can easily do your job as per your search requirements. The target ID that is displayed on the LCD screen in the center is accurate and will save you so much of the time. You get 4 various detecting modes using which you can search specifically by selecting the discriminator mode in which the metals will be segregated, the all-metal mode that lets you search and signals you every time it passes over any metal object, and it even has a specific detection mode for the gold, this device is made to suit all kinds of ground condition. You can use the wireless audio to get free from wires while working and do not miss any signal even in a noisy environment and works on the high frequency of 20-40 khz and gives the user a great detecting experience.



From this detailed discussion about the Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector we have come to the conclusion that it is one of the most advanced metal detectors which is budget-friendly and is loaded with various features such as wireless audio, pinpointer feature, using multiple frequencies simultaneously, etc. It has an adjustable rod, with the waterproof search coil and the control panel for up to 3 meters deep and has very well ground balance with the mineralization detection, depth detection, etc.

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