In this discussion, we are going to talk in detail about the Intey pinpoint metal detector. This discussion will include the appearance of the metal detector, details about its control panel and the buttons present on it, the various modes and features of this metal detector how can they be beneficial and the final review summary of the product. This Intey pinpointer metal detector as the name suggests works as a metal detector as well as the pinpointer metal detector which helps in giving accurate data regarding the position of the object under the surface of the earth. This metal detector can be used for your fun family time and you can even teach your kids some fun outdoor activities so that it can be fun for them as well as educational in terms of the geographical nature of your area and the history of the place you live in or it can be used by a professional as well as it has many features and modes that can be suitable for the professionals as well.



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In this section, we are going to discuss the outer appearance of the Intey pinpointer metal detector, this metal detector comes in a black and yellow color combination. This metal detector has a search coil that does the main part of detecting the objects for you, this search coil is yellow in color and is attached at the end of the metal detector rod, and is waterproof so that you can easily enjoy your search on any kind of terrains like beaches and streams and you can even use this metal detector in the rainy days, this rod which consists of the search coil has a control panel attached to it but this control panel is not waterproof so you can cover the panel with a waterproof cover and you are good to go, and the rod we were discussing can adjust its height according to the person using it as it can shift its height from 29.9 inches to 40.1 inches so that anyone like kids or an adult can use this device. This metal detector also consists of the armrest which makes the arm more comfortable while using it.



Now we will head over to the control panel and the buttons of this device. The control panel of the intey pinpointer metal detector is attached in front of the handle of metal detector, this control panel is also in the color combination of black and yellow and it consists of various knobs and the indicator which shows the indication of the target, this control panel consists of a low battery indicator which is a LED light that blinks when this device is low on battery, this device has the disc control all-metal knob that helps you in discriminating between the metals and search for the exact thing you are looking for but if you are not looking for something specific then you can set this to all metal settings in which this detector will beep whenever it will find a metallic object, it has a sensitivity knob that can be used to set the sensitivity of the detector if you want the detector to detect even the smallest object then you have to set the sensitivity to highest and when you are looking for the bigger object then you can set the sensitivity knob on the lowest setting. The last knob present on the metal detector is the volume control knob that can be used to raise or lower the volume of the device according to the surroundings and if you don’t want to disturb the people in the surrounding then you can plug in the headphones as this device has an audio jack for the connection of the headsets.



As we talk about the Intey pinpointer metal detector device modes and features this device has a very special feature that is the pinpointer feature that not every metal detector posses, this pinpointer feature allows you to locate the exact position of the object under the surface and its main benefit is that it helps in recovering the object from the ground in a  single whole piece as by then you would know about the exact location of the object. The search coil present on this Intey pinpoint metal detector is waterproof and has a wide sized coil which extends the surface area of the coil and gives you the exact location for the object. This device has an all-metal mode and the discrimination mode in which your device beeps for any kind of metal found under the surface and can find you the specific type of material that you were looking for respectively. The volume control knob helps you in lowering or increasing the volume according to the situation, it also has the sensitivity knob to control the sensitivity of the device which means when the sensitivity is high then this device can search for even the smallest objects and when the sensitivity is low then this device beeps only when the larger objects are found.



From this discussion and the detailed description of the Intey pinpointer metal detector, we can say that this metal detector device has a dual advantage over other basic and simple metal detectors as this metal detector works as a pinpointer detector too. This device has a waterproof search coil that allows you to work in any weather condition and on any type of terrain. It allows you to change the sensitivity and the modes on the detector via which you can be selective of the search metal or open to all.

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