In this detailed review of the Garrett ACE 300i metal detector, we will see every detailed aspect of this metal detector. This review will update you about the physical appearance of this detector, about its control panel and the buttons present on it, the various features and modes of this detector that is very necessary for a customer to know about and we even have the summary of the whole review mention below. This metal detector Garrett 300i is filled with lots of various features and modes that give the user freedom to do many things and explore so many options as it has various modes for various types of metals a LED screen to see the frequency, battery life and the depth of the object beneath the surface of the earth. It has a headphone jack to connect the headphones along with volume settings and much more.



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Garrett ACE 300i metal detector comes in a black and yellow appearance so that even on a foggy day or when the visibility is low you can easily find your device in such a situation. This metal detector has an armrest on its handle for the people that use it for the whole day or for the professionals that have to carry it around with them and due to the load of the detector machine the arms gets stressed and can cause internal damage, to avoid such situation there is an armrest and a handle given on the rod of the Garrett ACE 300i metal detector. The control panel which consists of the buttons and the LED screen that displays the information regarding battery remaining, the depth of the object under the surface of the earth, and what kind of object is detected under the surface is displayed on the LED screen. The search coil which is attached at the bottom of the rod is waterproof so that you can easily carry it around with you even on the rainy days and near the edges of the beach, but the problem is that the control panel is not waterproof and that is why it needs cover during the rainy days. The wire connecting the search coil and the control panel is wound up to the rod because the search coil needs the power supply to work. And the size of the rod can be adjusted according to the height of the person so that it is convenient for that person to use this metal detector despite the height of a person.



Now let us talk about the control panels and buttons of the Garrett ACE 300i metal detectors. This is an advanced metal detector that has a waterproof search coil but the control panel of this metal detector device is not waterproof and hence needs to be protected from the raindrops and other external humidity. This metal detector has settings and buttons on its panels. First of all the control panel of Garrett ACE 300i metal detector has the LED screen on it which displays the information necessary for the user such as the battery level in it because if you take the low battery metal detector device on the field then it will be a waste of time as you can do nothing with the device so it is better to be informed beforehand, the display also gives information about the depth of an object i.e., if a particular metallic object is detected by the metal detector then it also shows what kind of the metal is detected so that you can decide whether to dig it out or leave it according to your requirement and the value of the metal. Now when we come towards the buttons present on the surface of the control panel then we can see that it has a power button to switch the device ON and OFF, a button that can activate the pin pointer mode for the device as the detector can be used as a simple detector as well as a pin pointer which helps in detecting the exact location of the object by saving your time, the next one is the mode button as this device has a discriminator mode that can discriminate between the metals and search for a specific type of metal and the all-metal mode which sends the signal whenever any metal object is detected, the sensitivity buttons adjusts the sensitivity of the search object for example if you lower the sensitivity then the search coil will only detect the heavy metals and big sized metals whereas if you set the sensitivity to highest then this device can even detect a 25 cents coin buried.



In this section, we will see about the various modes and features that have been provided by the Garrett company in this Garrett ACE 300i metal detector. In this metal detector, you will get two different modes that can be used for finding your treasure, the first one is the all-metal mode which allows the search coil to search for any kind of metal object and whenever the coil will detect anything metallic it will make sound, the only flaw, in this case, is that you may get many useless items during the search but if you are looking for something specific then this metal detector has a discriminator mode that can be used for specific searches like gold, silver, coins, jewelry, etc. This metal detector gives you the freedom to adjust the sound of your device as you don’t want to disturb anyone around you and for this purpose you can even plug in the headphones into the device which will help you listen even the slightest signal and you will not miss upon any object. You even have the freedom to adjust its sensitivity which means when the sensitivity is high then the detector can search for the smaller objects. Another most important feature for this metal detector is that with many metal detectors you have to carry an extra pinpointer metal detector with you so that it can show you the exact location of the object but in this, you can just switch to the pinpointer mode and this device will work as a pinpointer detector and give you the exact location of the object.



Form this discussion about the Garrett ACE 300i metal detector we have seen many aspects of the detector from its outer appearance to its various features and modes, and we can conclude this discussion by saying that this device is a power pack metal detector as it is waterproof, has various modes of detection and sensitivity control and can even transform to the pinpointer detector.

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