Amzdeal metal detector is today’s center of attraction for the discussion. In this discussion we will discuss in detail about the Amzdeal metal detector which is a lightweight metal detector, this metal detector comes in a very stylish look when it comes to the appearance, and in this discussion, we will not only be addressing the appearance of this metal detector but also the control panel and the buttons present on it as this is the heart of the metal detectors. Along with the looks and control panel, we will also talk about its detailed features and various mode and in the end, we will see the summary of this whole review. This Amzdeal metal detector has various advanced features and can be used by an adult as well as kids, this device can be used for the fun outdoor activity with your kids on a holiday and this way they can even learn about the geographical aspects of the local areas and they will learn about the history of the places with the artifacts and they can even find coins under the surface and who doesn’t love free money!



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In this section, we are going to talk about the physical appearance of the Amzdeal lightweight metal detector, as the name suggests this metal detector is a lightweight metal detector. It has a sleek look and comes in a black and blue color combination that looks really cool, this metal detector has a concentric search disc attached to the bottom of the telescopic rod, the search disc is the main part of any metal detector because this search coil sends the signal into the ground and if a metal is present under the surface this signal bounces back and hence the detector knows where the object is located. It has a control panel that is attached to the search coil through a wire that is rounded around the rod. The rod of the metal detector is adjustable and hence anyone can use it despite the height problems. The control panel is located near the end of the handle used to hold the metal detector but it does not come into the way of the screen, and along with the control panel, the metal detector also has an armrest for the comfort of the user that uses it for the whole day especially the professionals.



Now it is the time to discuss the main elements of this metal detector and that is the control panel and the buttons present on it. This amzdeal lightweight metal detector comes in with the super stylish and awesome looking control panel which consists of three knobs for various features and has an led light along with the display that shows the frequency of the metal and what kind of metal has been detected under the surface of the earth, this round display is surrounded by the blue lights that enhance its looks. Now let us discuss the buttons present on the control panel and it consists of the volume button which can be used to increase or lower the volume of your detector because whenever you are in a noisy place you would want to turn up the volume and if you don’t want to disturb the people in the surroundings then you would want to turn the volume down. The next two knobs are the sensitivity and the disc knob, first of all, the disc knob allows you to change the modes of the detector from all-metal mode to the discriminator mode and the next knob that is the sensitivity knob is used to control the sensitivity of the detector when the sensitivity of the knob is highest then this device can even detect the 25 cents coin under the surface and when the sensitivity is low then this detector can be used to search for the big and heavy objects.



This Amzdeal lightweight metal detector has various modes and features and we are going to talk about them in detail. This metal detector has a search coil which is waterproof and can be used in any weather and different terrains such as on the edge of the beach, rocky areas, streams, ponds, etc but the control panel of this detector is not waterproof so you have to cover it while working in the rainy weather. This metal detector gives its user to choose from the two modes of metal detection that are the all-metal mode in which you can search for any kind of metal as the search coil will send the signal to the control panel whenever it detects any object below the surface of the earth and the second mode which is also known as the discrimination mode, in which the type of metal you want to detect is particularly searched by the search coil so that you don’t waste your time in searching and digging up the useless objects, along with the sensitivity controls that allows you to search for the smallest object when the sensitivity is high and only the bigger objects when the sensitivity is low. This metal detector has an LED light indicator that blinks when the battery of the detector is low and when you have to charge it.



In this amzdeal lightweight metal detector, we came to know about the various features of the metal detector such as discrimination mode, all-metal mode, the low battery indicator, volume control, waterproof search coil, concentric pattern of the search coil that helps is searching the precise location of the object and the light weightiness of the metal detector, which overall makes it the perfect metal detector for the amateurs as well as adults.

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